Does it matter that you know you have a BS job?

THOUSANDS of people are going into work today who have some kind of cushy desk job, inside sitting down in the warm, but still feel the existential pangs of despair at going through the motions of pointless action in return for money. They should read this post!
It won’t cheer anybody up, they’ll still have a bullshit job, but at least they know THEY’RE NOT ALONE.
Still with a stupid job though.

From the splendid Knitting Fog


Following several long and thoughtful motorway journeys which indulged my tendency to over-think everything currently wrong in my life, and the prescient publication of this article by Oliver Burkeman (“do you have a bullshit job?”), I have reached the following diagrammatic conclusion:

BS job mind map, or Gosh I Am Miserable

This little thought-map is transcribed below for the benefit of (hmmm… ) myself mainly, and other readers if I still have any beyond my opening self-indulgent sentence, which probably has all the magnetic appeal of your least favourite neighbour enthusiastically trying to tell you about his dream last night. Anyway, my logic runs as follows:

I hate my job (IHMJ) –> BECAUSE –> The work is meaningless and pointless as a broken pencil

AND –> It  is a BS job which no one would miss if it wasn’t there… in fact most of my immediate team are doing stuff no one [beyond our headquarters colleagues] would…

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