Kettle meet pot

I got an email from Vanguard today about some work they’ve done with O2. Full of the usual interesting stuff about concentrating on purpose and making it easier for customers to get what they want from you.

have you ever noticed that dealing with telecoms companies is PRETTY DIFFICULT? And have you seen the amazing research by the CEB Customer Contact Council that shows that the key variable in having customers buy more and buy more often is reducing customer effort?  In other words you can get better results by making it easy for customers to get what they want – really, groundbreaking I know.

Anyway for most of the big players (Apple/Amazon/cliché, cliché etc.), reducing customer effort is part of the corporate strategy.

And if you want to find out more…

You can read all about what we did and the results we got in the new O2 case study. Enjoy!

And when you click on that link….


Hang on! You’ve already got my email address.
That’s how I got your email!

Why not just a link to the PDF in the original email? Why ask for an email address that you’ve already got?
This is customer effort!

And then there’s another “follow up email” that I’d have to open and read in order to find the location of the PDF that I’ve just been sent!
This is customer effort too!

It just goes to show that cobbler’s shoes is a curse that applies everywhere.

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