Arse about face

We are coming up with this years Council Plan right now.

There are a different amount of groupings, 3 so far, last year there were 5.
They might be called themes, last year they were called priorities.

Each year we have between 3 and 7 groupings of work, organised differently each time. One year might have one as “economy and employment” the next it might be split into 2 called “Economic development” and “Helping businesses thrive” or some such.

Each year though the content looks suspiciously similar. The headings change but the work carries on under the same or a subtly re-branded name.

Due to people like me, this work is then treated as a project that must deliver. We ask for targets, quarterly milestones and with a grim macho snarl, deliverables.

We treat every piece of work as if it can be known in advance, something that has been done 20 times before and is therefore eminently predictable.

We’ve got it arse about face.

We shouldn’t muck around with different phrasings of what we’re trying to do, and yet treat how we’re going to do it as a strictly programmed recipe.

We should understand and commit to a constancy of purpose and experiment with our method of achieving that.

I wrote these 2 messages onto a computer screen before I left work this evening.
I hope the message is permanent even if the ink isn’t.



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