13 reasons why

Here are 13 reasons why you should buy the latest IT solution

  1. you will grow a thick mane of glossy lustrous hair. Chestnut brown.
  2. if you are small, you’ll grow big. and if you’re thick, you’ll turn clever. Yes, both.
  3. your contemporaries will think you are wise beyond your years, if you’re a precocious youngster. And if you’re elderly they’ll consider you dynamic.
  4. several small Pacific islands will vie to make you their titular Head of State
  5. you will become a dexterous and inventive lover
  6. there will be no end to your talents.
  7. there will be no beginning to your end
  8. a steely gaze and firm handshake will be yours
  9. you will hold any room enthralled with witty and engaging conversation.
  10. your winning charm and persistence will gain you access to sanctums so inner that they’ve never seen the light of day before
  11. you will be able to carry off wearing paisley like Prince.
  12. you will bestride like a colossus. In general like.
  13. yours will be the world and everything that’s in it.

And 1 reason why not.

  1. It is as likely to do all those things above as it is to be an IT solution to your work problem. Work problems, they need work solutions.
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1 Response to 13 reasons why

  1. Yup, work, the clue is in the title …


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