The Living Dead


The key sentence is the very first one, “Unless in a job they feel genuinely passionate about“. That first sentence sets the scene, this is how humans behave in that scene. Create a different scene, where people CAN feel passionate, then they are different people.

Create a Theory X environment, where you assume people are lazy and need poking with sticks to do work…then they will need pokey sticks, in one I have personally done about 1 years work in the last 7 years.

Create a Theory Y environment, where autonomy, mastery and purpose are designed into the work, then you wouldn’t find ANY of those people described above. Same names, different people. In Theory Y environments, I don’t even realise that I am working. I am typing this at 2:51am. This is not what lazy people do, but watch me doing the quarter 4 performance report next week, because you WILL need to watch me.

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3 Responses to The Living Dead

  1. nosapience says:

    Is that last bit called theory Z? You know, being aware of where you are and what your purpose is and consciously deciding to do a little bit of X when X is useful (turn up, be on time, do stuff) so that there’s more space for Z. After all occasionally there are organisational arseholes, not by virtue of character, just because they’re in the wrong place unaware that they are buggering about with stuff they don’t understand. Impose your own X and earn your own Y.

    Theory Z haha … Great Blog.


  2. nosapience says:

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    Another smashing little ensemble of words and ideas from ThinkPurpose. Inspiration is a wonderful and powerful thing, but why does it do its thing so well in the early hours of the morning. Theory Y perhaps … Theory Z is getting up out of bed and doing something useful with it.


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