How would you like to die?

Quietly in a bed? Or with a pitchfork through your head? Data shows that there may not be much difference in the pain and anguish in either of these situations.

The first of these infographics below is about the probable details of your first death, and the next infographic looks at some fictional peoples second death. I love infographics as they combine the content of dull excel charts but are actually appealing to look at.

The first is from an amazing study called the John Hopkins Precursors study.  John Hopkins University med school graduates from 1948 to 1964 are tracked throughout their lives to gather an enormous amount of longitudinal data. Amongst this data is the fact that 65% of the Doctors have an “advance life directive”, a set of documents that set out their wishes for their end-of-life care. In some countries they are called “living wills”. This is a very large number, compared with the rest of the population, only an estimated 20% of US citizens have similar. The first infographic explores what is it that Doctors know that we don’t...

The second one is about people who already dead and have arisen as zombies and then meet their second death in a manner analysed in scrupulous detail by the author.  As it is fictional it can afford to take a more tasteless but zestfully comedic approach to the subject matter. Oh, and they are both so HUGE my iPhone gives up and can’t even show the second one. So, bigscreens only.

Enjoy! For who knows what tomorrow may bring.

Walking Dead in data

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