7 women questioning strategy


Is it a strategy though, in the REAL sense of the word?


well….more of a policy perhaps?


I’m feeling framework. What are you feeling?


Well, it takes a strategic position, but doesn’t follow through. More a positioning document?


Oh god, I hope it’s not a think-piece. I’m scared. It’s not a think-piece, is it?


Well I don’t know, don’t look at me, what does it say on the cover?


It SAYS strategy. But it’s strateg-ish , not strateg-ic.
Muffin, anyone?

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3 Responses to 7 women questioning strategy

  1. Maz Iqbal says:

    Fantastic my friend. The way that you make your point speaks to me. As someone who does strategy I am with you 100%. Strategy is misunderstood and rarely practiced. Strategy done right requires rigour, even impeccability in thought and decision making, and as you and I know rigour and business do not go together well.

    At heart strategy is simple. That is to say in theory strategy is simple it requires answering four/five questions. In practice, strategy cuts against human nature and organisational politics. And so strategy is rare flower.

    Here are several posts I wrote starting from a similar premise to you:
    1) http://thecustomerblog.co.uk/2012/09/10/good-strategy-and-bad-strategy-what-is-the-kernel-of-a-strategy-part-i/

    2) http://thecustomerblog.co.uk/2012/09/17/good-strategy-bad-strategy-what-is-the-kernel-of-a-strategy-part-ii-diagnosis/

    3) http://thecustomerblog.co.uk/2012/09/28/what-is-the-kernal-of-a-strategy-part-iii-guiding-policy/

    4) http://thecustomerblog.co.uk/2012/10/08/what-is-the-kernel-of-strategy-part-iv-coherent-action/

    And here is a more recent one which shares Roger Martin’s take on strategy based on Porters way of thinking about strategy:

    5) http://thecustomerblog.co.uk/2013/02/11/strategy-and-cx-what-are-the-five-questions-that-you-need-to-answer/


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      Thanks for the “like” and the comment, I’m almost pathetically grateful when I get comments.
      I don’t like documents is the thing. I’m more a “hearts and minds” person.
      There’s a spreadsheet at work somebodies been compiling of all the strategies/policies/action plans in my organisation. It’s very long and complicated.
      I’d just burn them all. If its not in “hearts and minds”, it’s nowhere.
      I prefer muffins.


      • Maz Iqbal says:

        I say that I enjoy reading that which you write. And my hand of friendship is open to you. As for the comments and likes, I give you only that which you deserve. I am delighted that they make a difference to you.

        As for statement that you are more of a “hearts and minds” person it occurs to me that I get where you are coming from. Why? I suspect I am similar. Perhaps also different.

        When I lead a team I focus on getting agreement on 5 or so principles that guide/shape behaviour. Once I am clear that everybody gets it, I invite everyone to sign the statement of principles if they are willing to live by them. And not to sign if they are not. I have found that if I do this in a space of freedom then the most amazing results can and do show up.

        In my time I have generated many documents especially project plans. Mostly they have been a waste of time once finished. They are useful in the production phase as I had to grapple and learn. To get access to information that I did not have. And in the process insight was generated.

        I wish you a great weekend.

        At your service / with my love


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