Sets of things that are together as a whole thinking

They say that if you can’t describe simply what something is, so somebody who doesn’t know about it can understand it, then you don’t really know it yourself.

Look here!


This is from here, a description of the different parts of the Saturn 5 space rocket using only the most commonly used thousand words.

Here is the Vanguard Model for check described using only the ten hundred (or ‘thousand’) most commonly used words. It’s very hard to do, I recommend you try it with your own chosen specialised subject.

Press here with your thing that you use to go places in the computer world to try it yourself.

If you are the person with power in your work place, making good things that work for the people who need it can seem hard. There are a lot of people with different ideas about how you should do this. So picking the right thing to do and then doing it the right way , can be confusing. There is a way you can find out the right thing to do, that also shows you how to do it right. Don’t listen to other people telling you what works. The only way is to find out for yourself. You start where you are, and that is where your work is.

1 Find out what is the point of what you and your work people are really supposed to do.

2 Do this by going to where people first ask for something, and find out what they asking for. Find out what matters to them, what is the problem they have that you can help them with.

3 Find out how well these people are being helped by you. Get some numbers on how long it takes to help them and how well, but make sure it is from how they see it, not you.

4 Follow the work, all the way end to end, from when the person first asks you to help them, to when they get what they need. Write down the things that happen along the way that are good because they help, and the things that don’t really help but are still done. It is important that you only look at what is actually happening, not what you would like to happen.

5 Find out the things that are helping your people do the work, and the things that are not helping but are getting in the way. These are the things that you have control over and you have the power to change, not the people who work for you. These things appear because someone put them there, if someone put them there then they can take them away again. That person is you.

6 Find out what you thought would happen when you put those things in place. Get clear what you think that made you put them there, because then you can change what you think.

You have now found out what is happening in your work place and why. What you probably found out is that the work is good or bad because of what people do in the work, this is caused by how the work is set out, and THIS is caused by what you thought mattered and would work in the work place

When you change what you think about how the work works, then you will begin to change how you act, this will change the way work is set out and happens and how people act in the work place. This will change everything and make it all better.

In short, if you want to make work better you have to think different.

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