It’s not rocket science

rocket science

Rocket science? Piss easy.

Just maths with equations calculators and that.

Rocket engineering on the other hand…ROCK HARD

The equations and science behind rockets are relatively straight forward (I am reliably informed by the internet). But the engineering of that, making rockets that will actually work, is the hard bit.

Here’s a bit of rocket science! F=M*A apparently, meaning Force is equal to Mass times Acceleration. Easy said like that, but try and do it with several tonnes of rocket fuel and stop it from blowing everybody up.

Putting together vast amounts of fuel and making it explode beneath several highly trained expensive astronauts then pushing them beyond the atmosphere and returning them as anything other than bags of meat, that’s the engineering part of the rocket business.

Rocket science is the theory. This is the easy bit

Rocket engineering is making rockets that work in the real world. This is the hard bit.

This is like systems thinking (TA-DAAA!!!!)

The easy bit is “listening to demand“.
The hard bit is persuading a manager to sit quietly listening to customer phone calls and writing down exactly what they say without summarising it in management categories.

The easy bit is “measure the capability of response”.
The hard bit is getting a manager to ignore customer service standards and targets and only look at how well customer purpose is being met.

The easy bit is knowing what to do.
The hard bit is trying to do it in the real world.

None of this is a criticism of theory. I love theory.
But ultimately, theory is to real world practice, what masturbation is to sex.


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