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From the similarly named, though much less juvenile Thinkdifferent.

Think Different

Peter Picked a Peck of Profound Purpose

Photo of a knot in a thick sisal rope

The one key thing that most clearly separates typical organisations from their more effective cousins is purpose. Not just having a purpose – god knows few enough typical organisations can lay claim to that – but having the conscious understanding that a well-understood, over-communicated and widely-shared purpose is crucial to effectiveness in general, and their own effectiveness, in particular.

“A shared purpose is… a force in people’s hearts, a force of impressive power… At its simplest level, a shared purpose is the answer to the question, ‘What do we want to create?’ A shared purpose is a picture that everyone in the company carries in their heads and hearts.”

~ Peter M. Senge

So we all know this, yes? Why write (yet) another blog post on this sad and sorry topic? Is there anything left to say?

Aside from recent constructive suggestions…

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