How to change the system when you don’t have the power


Seth Godin: How do you change the system when you don’t have the power?

Another gem from Seth, who consistently refuses to have my babies. Click for video, and if you don’t have sound, here’s my cartoon summary instead.



Surgeon General’s warning: Approach this with care. Copying can lead to idiocy and poor bowel movements if not done properly.  If you want people to copy you, get them to copy your approach of brilliant questions and sterling method, NOT your results. Most things in the world aren’t as easy to copy as Big Macs. That is all.

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7 Responses to How to change the system when you don’t have the power

  1. Thanks for the really cool summary 🙂 I really enjoyed the illustrations and completely agree with the small change leading to bigger changes approach. It’s often that we don’t start the change because we built a mountain of concerns and design our change to be huge.

    Now I’ll have a look on the video …


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