Space Mountain

Rocket into the outer reaches of darkest space on this high-speed thrill ride that hurtles you into the final fun frontier!

Enter the crisp launch bay as it orbits a nearby planet. The bay welcomes you with its sweeping overhead lights and shiny metallic interior as imposing machinery captures your attention from above. Once you and your fellow space travelers are scanned and prepared by the control crews, board a sleek shuttle rocket and receive a safety check in the cockpit.

Blast Off!

Once secured for take-off, your shuttle then enters the power generation room and the airlock is activated. Energy transfers from the power globes to your shuttle to prepare it for launch. As the universe dissolves before your eyes,
Mission Control counts down…


The galaxy implodes before you, spiraling into a black hole! Hang on tight as your space craft dips and careens at supersonic speeds!


There. Brilliant wasn’t it? Your trip to Disneyland to ride on Space Mountain. Hope you kept your lunch down!

What do you mean it wasn’t all that fun?
The words said you careened at supersonic speeds! That you rocketed into the darkest reaches of outer space!
What’s wrong with you!

If I copied and pasted the above words from the Disneyland brochure about the Space Mountain rollercoaster ride and gave it to you instead of us actually going to Florida and going on the ride, would you feel shortchanged?

Apparently it’s not good enough just to read about it, you’ve got to go there and ride on it to actually experience it. Descriptions, however vivid, just aren’t the same as reality.

Which is why performance reports aren’t worth the paper they’re printed on.
I should know, I write them. I write performance reports about services I don’t deliver, things I haven’t done and problems that aren’t mine. I write them and then give them to people to read.
This is like reading about Disneyland instead of going to Disneyland.  Reading about work is always a poor second to going there and seeing it.

Disneyland is very far away and costs a lot to get there. You don’t even have to get on a plane to go to your work. It’s probably in the same building.

I say, ditch the reports.  Instead get a good set of questions ready, go to the work, stand, watch, question and listen.

You can’t ride Space Mountain unless you go to Disneyland.
You can’t understand the work unless you go to the work.

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