ThinkPurpose team role quiz

20121111-082840.jpgThe following questions will reveal your preferred team role style.

A: Are you a twat?
B: Are you not a twat?
C: Are you Zombie Deming?
D: Do you wash your food before eating it?

Mainly A’s-you are a twat.

Mainly B’s-you are not a twat.

Mainly C’s-you know team role quizzes are ridiculous as the major predictor of behaviour is context, as proven by Asch, Milgram, Zimbardo and all the rest that followed.
You enjoy being continually annoyed that classic psychology studies are not taught in school, so people get to working age completely ignorant of human nature. Your preferred team role is Outsider, with a secondary role of Token Fool.

Mainly D’s: You are a raccoon.

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