When is a purpose NOT a purpose?


When anything is done for…

  • auditing purposes
  • health & safety purposes
  • regulatory purposes
  • compliance purposes
  • monitoring purposes
  • inspection purposes
  • training purposes
  • regulation purposes
  • data protection purposes
  • data sharing purposes
  • data purposes
  • policy purposes
  • transparency purposes
  • statistical purposes
  • watch-your-back purposes
  • scatological purposes
  • multiple contusion purposes
  • isle-of-Fernando purposes
  • mini-ha-ha purposes
  • midi-ha-ha purposes
  • macro-ha-ha purposes
  • Toni Braxton purposes
  • Vas Deferens purposes
  • taglet OR filtrum purposes

There. That’s let the cat out of the bag. Better now?

NB I have a strong feeling I have done virtually the same post before. I’ve got memories of typing something like it anyway.
If someone can spot a very similar post elsewhere here please send a stamped self addressed post card to the usual address and you could win a £5 postal order.

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1 Response to When is a purpose NOT a purpose?

  1. John Liddle says:

    More pictures of Smudge the cat please! In fact, could you get her to write a blog?


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