Zombie Deming teaches about learning

There’s a difference between learning and knowledge.

Somewhere on the internet, there are the silly words, “Knowledge is the banquet spread out on the table. Learning is how much of the banquet you partake of.”

As if it’s about stuffing your face with it all as fast as you can, cakes akimbo.

This is the idea that learning is just pouring in facts, like sand into a bucket.

Knowledge is an accumulation of data, information, experiences, memory…Learning implies a change through insight. The change in learning is of the understanding of the learner, who is the whole embodiment of learning, and not just a change in parts of the knowledge.”

Learning is more than the accumulation of knowledge. It is actively changing the inside of your mind. Imagine that! Just shoving knowledge in there doesn’t change it in the slightest.

Copying isn’t learning, it’s cheating.

Just as copying the answers in an exam from your neighbour doesn’t help you learn, copying anything without understanding will make you worse. It makes you stupid by crowding out the good learning and builds a bad habit of even more copying.

What’s copying? Benchmarking, best practice, flavours of the month, somebody else’s solution in general.

“There is no knowledge without theory” moans Zombie Deming. Meaning it’s not enough to know WHAT, it is essential to know WHY.

If you don’t know why you don’t know it at all. You’ve just memorised it.

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2 Responses to Zombie Deming teaches about learning

  1. John Liddle says:

    I suspect that Deming would be better known and more respected if he had embarked on his zombie, brain-eating phase while still alive. Like so many of us, he relied too heavily on the influence of reason. Whoever heard of Genghis the Reasonable? There is a small incentive to acquire profound knowledge but a far greater one to avoid having your brain eaten by a zombie. Ask anyone.


  2. Leyton says:

    “I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand.” ~Confucius 🙂


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