3 brilliant systems ideas THAT WILL EXPLODE IN YOUR FACE!

Here are three brilliant systems ideas that will explode in your face.


“But..but.. he’s stark bollock naked!”, said the small boy to his mum.

What is it? A cunning acronym, “the Purpose Of a System Is What It Does.”

Why’s it brilliant then? It reminds that intentions and express aims are not important, look at what is actually happening. The de-facto purpose.

Why will it explode in my face? People will think you are being cynical. When you say what you see, you’re the boy who spotted that the emperor was wearing no clothes. Nobody likes a tattle tale.

Why they’re wrong? It is them who are cynical. Cynically ignoring evidence of reality, preferring a consensual illusion instead. That’s the real cynicism.

2: “Doing the wrong thing righter.”


If you want to go to Inverness, walking North is better than driving South.

What is it? The Purpose Question!

“The righter we do the wrong thing, the wronger we become. When we make a mistake doing the wrong thing and correct it, we become wronger. When we make a mistake doing the right thing and correct it, we become righter.
Therefore, it is better to do the right thing wrong than the wrong thing right.”

Why’s it brilliant then? Cut’s through the crap to point at what matters. It’s purpose all the way!

Why will it explode in my face? Purpose is generally invisible, so people focus on tasks. To most purpose doesn’t even exist except when written down by someone once in a plan. So questioning purpose is like arguing about which is better, hobbits or unicorns. An esoteric question for theoreticians only.

Why are they wrong? The purpose of work isn’t to get along nicely. It’s to do the right thing. If you’re not doing the right thing, it’s wrong. So, just stop it!

3: 95% is the System!

“It’s the system maaaannnn!”

What is it? An understanding that in a work environment the design of the work is responsible for the vast majority of the performance, not the individual workers.

Why is it brilliant then? Because it is true, and concentrating on the system is cheaper than training people all the time which doesn’t work anyway.

Why will it explode in my face? Saying that individuals have little impact is heard as “why bother?” i.e. being negative. Positivity is about the individual persevering and triumphing. Talking about the system denies the individual. Can’t do that!

Why are they wrong? Being positive about something that won’t work isn’t positive-it’s plain dumb. Basing decisions on knowledge of what works is positive because it’s actually correct, not just politically correct.

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