Zombie Deming is on the prowl

Deming is celebrating the return in 2 weeks of The Walking Dead by arising from his grave and continuing his hunt for bad thinking-and live humans.

Being undead hasn’t lessened the old coves infamously short temper, if anything it has made it worse! Coupled with an insatiable appetite for consuming the BWAINZ of poor command and control managers, this makes for a ha-ha-hilarious set of short and painful management lessons.

Join us over the next 2 weeks on a fun packed journey of rotten flesh and even more rotten thinking with Zombie Deming as he rids the world of poor management thinking the quick way-by eating it one brain at a time.

Next!: Zombie Deming meets a young buck of a manager with a load of zingy ideas about how to motivate his staff…Oh dear! This can only end one way…painfully!

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