Take my Astronaut quiz!

Take my Astronaut quiz!

There is a reason for this, I am going somewhere with it. The quiz will be open all week, stuck to the top of the front page, and the results will come out next Thursday 20th. You can only enter once. Please send around your friends or your enemies, twitter or email, I don’t care as long as you answer honestly.

Comments are encouraged, to explain your answer, but I will not be approving them for publishing till after the poll closes, when the results will come out, with what it tells us about why people think like they do in normal ordinary organisations, and what that implies for Systems Thinking.  One small step….

Click here for The Answer!

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11 Responses to Take my Astronaut quiz!

  1. Ian Hodge says:

    I didnt know the answer so I google it, now I know the answer.


  2. James says:

    I remember the hammer feather experiment. That’s why I answered the way I did.


  3. Nigel says:

    It depends…..


  4. morgsterious says:

    Okay. The simple way to answer the question would be that the pen will fall to the ground (hammer and feather experiment could be used as reference for this answer). Then reading what you’ve written around the question implies that you might not consider this to be a correct answer. So doing some more reflection on the way that the question and the possible answers have been given I began questioning the frames of reference. I will still assume that this is a hypothetical question where I could actually be an astronaut. But who asks the question? From what perspective are we watching the pen? What definitions are we using in the question?
    The moon? – Is it “our” moon, the one orbiting earth? Or any other moon?
    The ground? – The ground, as in the surface of the moon or as the surface of the earth as we generally means when saying “the ground”.
    Is the perspective that of the astronaut or the one of a person standing back home on earth?
    From my personal perspective I would make assumptions leading to the simple answer above but opening up for different frames of reference, I guess that any answer would be possible. Am I over analyzing this now?



  5. ThinkPurpose says:

    Meta, Morgan. Very meta.
    Answers and the supposedly systems related post, this Thursday!


  6. Mark says:

    There is gravity on the moon, so I chose the according answer. Somehow I was looking for it being a trick question… but I couldn’t find the trick.


  7. PF says:

    The only answer is to go to the moon and try it, or observe it.


  8. antlerboy says:

    I voted hang around where it is. If I was an astronaut, I’d definitely have my pencil tied on with a piece of string. And you said I was the astronaut in the scenario 🙂


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