An interrogative mood


Are you reading this at work? Are you working in a place where the fact that something is undiscussable is itself undiscussable? When an email pop-up appears are you relieved?

Do you despair when someone replies to a question with the answer “audit purposes”? Do you despair when someone replies to a question with the answer “health and safety”? Do you despair when someone replies to a question with the answer “equalities”? Do you answer like that sometimes?

Do you relish a well-formed Excel formula? Do you approach work plans with irony or sarcasm? Is the most memorable thing about Tuesday 4th September 2012 what you ate for lunch? What about today? Are you already looking forward to tomorrow’s lunch?

Are you envious of the people sitting around you? Are they envious of you? Do you have a photo of your family on your desk? Do you have a photo of your workplace in your living room?

Is the thing you spend most of your weekday waking life doing interesting enough to read a book about? To write a book about? To read a blog about? To tweet about? Does your workplace confuse predictable consequences of the design of it’s system with unique events? Every time? Can most everyone see it coming?

From your desk do you know where North is? Do you take notes in meetings and ever read them afterwards? When was the last time you ever saw a customer use your product or service? Are you mad to work here, and does it really help? Or does trivialising work-caused mental illness not help anybody?

Would having an office cat be a help or a hindrance? At work would you rather lose face, a bet or an argument? When someone tells you that something has been “decimated” do you show your relief at only 1 in 10, or go along with what they meant not what they said? Do your work in a dead wood or a live forest? Does your organisation hire dead wood or does it turn employees into dead wood?

Are you engaged with your work right now? If yes, why are reading this then? Does your workplace most resemble a primary school or an old people’s home? Would you rather have autonomy, mastery or purpose? Which would you least like to lose?

Look around you right now, are more people typing, reading or talking? How many are thinking? Is there a special room for that? Do you prefer telling somebody or asking somebody? When you walk into a room do you say “here I am!” or “there you are!”? Do you spend half your conversations waiting for your turn to speak or listening?

What gives you more pleasure, questions or answers? What scares you more, questions without an answer, or answers without a question? Is this a question? Can an answer end with a question mark?

Inspired by the heart breaking work of staggering genius that is the original book called The Interrogative Mood

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