What you can’t do and what you can

What you can’t do:

  • deliver efficiencies
  • create a consensus
  • achieve an outcome
  • build a team
  • secure funds
  • drive improvement
  • motivate staff
  • realise savings
  • fulfil requirements
  • lead a team
  • align priorities
  • meet objectives

What you can do:

  • do things
  • find out about things


  • interact with reality
  • experience/reflect on reality

In 3 words…

  • check
  • plan
  • do

In 1 word…

  • Experiment

That’s all you need. In fact, that’s all you’ve got.

NB ThinkPurpose is on holiday, if the WordPress daemons have done their magick then this has been published whilst I am not anywhere a computer, so any comments left won’t be approved til I get back beginning of September. There’s plenty of rubbish still to come from the daemons to spoil your day with, don’t you worry.

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1 Response to What you can’t do and what you can

  1. Dave Brahma. says:

    Wonderful . Absolute analytically thoughts. Love your Blog.
    Dave from India.


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