Effin & Jeffin

There are a fair few people who have signed up to this blog with their work email addresses.

As I too have to work to pay for all the onions this blog gets through, I know that my work email wouldn’t allow through half of my posts due to the profanity littered prose.

I only use swearing when it is either big or clever, but this means that some of you may miss out on my sparkling prose if your work email blocks an email post.

I suggest that if you are signed up to the blog using your work email address you check to see if posts are being blocked, if they are then either change jobs or sign up using a personal email address, whichever you find easier.

This email is prompted by an imminent post with a fair bit of swearing. All mild, but a lot of it nevertheless.  It made me think, that’s all.  You have been warned.

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