Genius idea to juxtapose comments trumpeting the exact opposite of what the data shows. This shows one of the tests of a good measure in operation, that it shows data over time. I would bet money that most of those comments came when some reported number was larger compared with one other number, i.e. one quarter compared with the previous quarter, without looking at the long term predictable behaviour of the chart, i.e. flat lined.

At War With The Motorist

I’ve been collecting amusing quotes from the history of Britain’s “cycling boom”, and I thought it might be instructive to overlay them on a chart of the DfT’s annual cycle mileage estimates, adjusted for population. A lot of the quotes are from MPs because Hansard is one of the few publications which is consistently available across that period for free and easily searchable online, making a systematic trawl relatively easy, but I might trawl through additional sources sometime. I haven’t marked every comment from an MP, but the sample is pretty representative of what members were saying about cycling over time. The non-MP quotes are just random things I stumbled across and bookmarked, and I can’t claim they’re representative of a widespread feeling at the time. If you’ve got any more good “we’re in a cycling revolution” quotes, let me know.

The fact that government ministers are saying now that…

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