hey, hey, we’re the thinkers

You now know about Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and Diogenes which is more than anyone ever got from the hellish “Sweet life on Deck”

These two videos from the weepingly awesome Horrible Histories show how well you can do this thing with no name that I am christening  comeducation, which is as terrible a word as you will encounter today. It is on a children’s TV channel, but like Doctor Who it is done so well that it eclipses most adult programmes and has won best sketch show at the British Comedy Awards two years running.

Finally, in this Jubilee year it is the duty of every loyal subject to know the names of all the kings and queen of England from 1066 to our current Good Queen Bess the second. And Horrible Histories makes sure you have no excuse either.

“William, William, Henry, Stephen, Henry, Richard, John oi
Henry, Ed, Ed, Rich II then 3 more Henrys join our song
Edward, Edward, Rich the third, Henry, Henry, Ed again Mary I, good queen bess, Jimmy, Charles and Charles and then…
Jim, Will, Mary, Anne a Gloria, George, George, George, George, Will, Victoria, Edward, George, Edward, Edward, George VI and queen Liz II completes the list. “

The systems thinking lesson: If people can hum it, they’ve definitely learnt it.

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