Thinkpurpose of chocolate


It’s 5 days after Easter and the local supermarket has piles of reduced price chocolate Easter eggs by the checkouts. The egg above is a premium brand of milk chocolate, organic and contains a luxurious 37% cocoa solids, high for a milk chocolate.

The cost is £1.80 for 180grams of chocolate, £1 for 100g. The equivalent bar of the same brand of chocolate on the shelf a few metres away costs £2.09 for only 100g.

This chocolate is less than half the price it otherwise would be because it is egg shaped, wrapped up in a cardboard box and the time chocolate eggs are exchanged and eaten was 5 days ago. It has lost its purpose.

Luckily my purpose today for going to the shops was to buy some milk chocolate for caramel shortbread I’m going to make on Sunday. I looked at outrageously priced cooking chocolate and decided to go with the cheap stuff I have at home in the cupboard. Nowhere near as nice but it’ll do.

Then I saw these! I don’t care they are egg shaped, I don’t care that there is cardboard around them. The best before date is next September even!

Repurposed chocolate!

The systems thinking lesson:
As a civilisation we must be going to Hell in a handcart if this is a rational approach to how we treat food, and it must be as supermarkets like making money. But also what else can be repurposed? What other delights are there that are of no use to the original intended purpose, but can be something delightful for a slightly different purpose?

I’m going back tomorrow to stock up on cut price luxury cooking chocolate shaped like eggs.

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