Systems thinking lesson from The Apprentice (part 324)

“I have a good idea!”

You hear this a lot in The Apprentice. People shouting over each other to announce that “I have a good idea”.

No. They have an idea. Whether it is a good idea or not is to be determined.

No-one ever shouts out “Wait! Wait! I have a terrible idea!”. Everyeone thinks their idea is a good one. If they thought it was a bad idea, they would stop thinking it. Smother it at birth.

An idea in itself has no merit whatsoever, but it has potential. When that potential is realised, then you know if you’ve had a good idea or not.

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1 Response to Systems thinking lesson from The Apprentice (part 324)

  1. johnarudkin says:

    The Apprentice is an example of everything that is bad in business. I’m not saying it isn’t (occasionally) fun, nor that as an example of how some organisations can end up failing, it doesn’t have value. It’s just television. It is all about who shouts the loudest, and often (blatantly) belittling for the ‘customer’. Last week was a prime example of “winners” having the worst product…..and that would have resulted in no repeat orders. Bad. It also seems to legitimise lying, deception and that acceptance that the customer is not the centre of the world, but just a tap to be turned on.
    Why can’t there be more serious business programmes? They could still be entertaining as well as educational.


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