You’ll know what needs to be done when you’re finished.

When is the best time to set a scope for an improvement project?

Surely at the beginning, when else? But when are you in the position of greatest ignorance, yet are about to make the most important decisions that will direct and limit the work?

When scopes are decided and set, they are not set in stone, but in people’s minds. This is much worse as they then can’t be seen and are much harder to change.

Perhaps the best time to write a scope is after you’ve finished. It will fit the project like a hand in a glove, far fewer people will disagree with it and it can be written from a position of knowledge. Far more pleasing for the pernickety project sponsor.

But how do you know what to do and what not to do? Where’s the plan?

I think the only plan worth doing is…


Then experiment. And the purpose of an experiment is…

Like with shampoo, rinse then repeat.


I think a useful purpose is to continuously experiment to find how to be better and as a side product of this, you become better.

*NB I am not talking about projects which are about delivering software or building bridges or any other form of product for a customer. Only improvement activities. I never made anything in my life that isn’t edible so I’m steering clear..

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