Magical pixie dust

The following are all real answers given in organisations in answer to the question:
“How will we achieve our targets?”

“Improvements in service delivery focussing on services which really matter to customers”

“Ongoing training and evaluation of training needs. Increase in internal quality and accuracy checks.”

“Improved system of recording and reporting performance management data”

“Continuous evaluation of customer’s needs and expectations”

“Budget monitoring”

“More detailed inspection regimes”

If you ask a silly question, you’ll get a silly answer. The only real way is to “cheat” to make the numbers, distort the purpose  of the system to hit the target or redesign the system to improve it.  Failing that there is always magical pixie dust.

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4 Responses to Magical pixie dust

  1. John M. Greco says:

    Ha! Love this! Funny … and sadly true. I’ve already scheduled my next post that has the same core point … although not humorous like yours here … hit come Sunday March 25!


    • ThinkPurpose says:

      Added to google reader so I’ll pick it up.
      Thanks for the comment. I find a sprinkle of magical pixie dust is a must for all systemic performance issues. In hard cases, try some Leprechaun luck.


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