He who grins wins

Worcestershire Acute Hospitals Trust has spent 10 grand on training staff to smile. 

This training includes other things, but the aspect that interests me is staff are encouraged to hand out cards to other Doctors and nurses when they spot them not smiling.

“As part of the scheme, members of staff at Worcestershire Acute Hospitals would carry an ACE card which they could show to colleagues if they believed that the care they were delivering fell below acceptable standards using the phrase ‘you didn’t play your ACE card.”

Here is an example of the literature of the training scheme. I am not sure if this is the actual card that is handed out to miserable nurses like traffic wardens ticketing badly parked cars, but it sure looks like it.

It seems so eminently reasonable. Who could disagree with listening to and responding to individual needs?

However, on that link above to the website of the Worcester News a patient’s relative has this to add.

My wife came out of hospital yesterday ( Worc’s Royal) and the staff were always curtious and friendly,however they always seemed to be extremely busy and running around,maybe the staff have been affected by the recent outbreak of the virus doing the circuits.My only gripe was when she was discharged (9.30am) she had to sit around and wait till 4.30pm to be given her prescription. 7 hours sat in an uncomfortable chair after a rather delicate operation is not recommended.

The tragic thing is that the gentleman says that his only gripe is that his post-operative wife had to wait uncomfortably for a full working day for her prescription, this isn’t a man who is asking for the moon on a stick.

Is this a problem that smiling will solve?

Keep systems thinking, and have a lovely day!

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1 Response to He who grins wins

  1. John Matthews says:

    Precisely. Fix the system so that it works and EVERYONE is happier. This ‘smiling’ project is just a very poor and misguided attempt at papering over the cracks. In other words, management bollocks!


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