Fun, love and money. Spot the motivators.

You play for the fun and love of it, not the money. This should be the same as when you’re at work.

My 7-year-old has just started playing football and the team has just started regular “competitive” games in an under-8 Saturday league.  After a recent training session the man who trains and runs the team called all the parents over for a talk. Some of the parents had been offering money to their kids if they scored a goal on a Saturday. In some cases £1, in others £10 per goal.

The manager had noticed that some of the kids weren’t passing the ball, and were trying to score themselves when it might have been better to pass the ball to someone else in a better position. He correctly made the link between the money and how it made the kids act against the purpose of the team.

As this post nicely points out, money is money, but fun is fun, and no-one ever gets tired of fun. Inflation doesn’t effect it either.

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