80% of BPR projects fail

70% to 80% of BPI/BPR projects fail, the same as the % of projects in general that fail. There is also the well known 98% of companies that don’t see anticipated results from their lean programme  There is an excellent article on this here.

Contrast this with the % of systems thinking experiments that fail, which is by definition close to ZERO. As they aren’t projects. A BPI/BPR project is a big lumbering thing, a ST experiment is nimble and quick and happens already in the work. it never exists in project land, or shouldn’t. No deliverables, no gantt charts. No theme boards. Nothing except what is needed to try things out. The purpose of an ST experiment is to get knowledge. Then more people are drawn in, then more. The purpose being each time to get knowledge about what happens when you draw people in. Like the purpose of Toyota might be thought to be to learn how to make cars, a by product of which is to make cars.

I think an experiment fails only when you don’t get knowledge from it. So if you try out  your theory that “IF do xyz THEN abc will result” and abc doesn’t result, then now you know. You are 1 step closer to perfection and 1 step further away from where you were.

Its like comparing dinosaurs lumbering around running project documentation about what to do about the big meteor in the sky that seems to be getting closer, compared with the little ratlike mammals scampering around their feet, already warm blooded and evolving quickly in the new environment to come.

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