purpose from PUSH to PULL

The following types of council services THOUGHT they knew what their purpose was, until they listened to their customers and looked at actual demand on their service.

Using data gathered from their customers, listening to the problem the customer had, they changed their purpose.

Before this their purpose and activities were decided using PUSH, decided and written down in advance (purpose and activities decided in a plan , customer service standards, nationally set of measures, a set of job descriptions)

After they discovered their purpose by PULL, purpose based on data from customers, it was radically different to what they thought they were for and so they were able to deliver radically better services.

It seems obvious when said this baldly, but purpose decided in advance of meeting reality is never as accurate as when it is decided after meeting it.

Oh, and because they were doing the right thing, they cost much less and customers began to love them for it.

PUSH       Give me a taxi license
PULL        Get me home safely

Adult Social Care
PUSH       Meet personalisation and direct payment targets
PULL       Help me live the life I want to lead

Housing allocations

PUSH       Put me on the waiting list
PULL       Help me solve my housing problem

Development Control (PLANNING)

PUSH       Meet the 8 or 13 week target for minor and major applications
PULL        Ensuring that development is acceptable

PUSH       Fill in pot holes and carry out inspections
PULL       To provide a safe and reliable highway for all

Trading Standards
PUSH       Manage cases and carry out high risk inspections
PULL        Improve the trading environment

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