My list.

  1. Guns N Roses first proper album “Appetite for destruction” is 25 years old last month. I have a copy on CD that is 25 years old, which is older than some people I work with. CDs are the future! How can a copy of one be older than an adults teeth!
  2. In 1985 “Back To The Future” was released. In the film Marty McFly travelled back to the distant weird past of 1955. In 3 years time 1985 will be the distant weird past.
  3. I was born during the Vietnam war, which was fought by men born during the Second World War, whose parents were born during the First World War.
  4. When I was younger there was a hand built computer in the house that didn’t come with a box around its innards so one was made for it. Out of wood.
  5. Boys either wore Parkas or Duffel coats to school in the winter. Never a ski-jacket. That was the 80’s.
  6. Champion the Wonder Horse was on the telly in the summer holidays. A black and white TV series about a boring horse from thirty years earlier.
  7. People my age when I was born are mainly dead now.
  8. I am older than more than half the total years in One Direction. Add Harry and Liam, and you’ve still got enough over for just under a third of Niall.
  9. Han Solo shot first.
  10. Pink custard
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3 Responses to 1971

  1. he98nw says:

    Let us go on living joyfully. Who cares how old we are now. Some of the things on your list may make big as part of history that is all depending on what happened in the future. If the things seem recurring in the future, people will be more interested in them then. One never knows.

  2. What’s the difference between a parka and a ski-jacket?

    • ThinkPurpose says:

      aHA! this is the diference between different countries. There SHOULDNT be a difference but there is. In England in the 70s coats that look like this were called parkas. Still are.
      Then in the 80s there was a craze for wildly patterned “ski jackets” that looked like this. obviously these were never worn actually skiiing.
      I still own and wear a parka, best winter coat ever, even if i do look like Kenny from South Park.

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