Executive foot rubs

Your tax-dollars pay for executive foot rubs.

Sort of.

A colleague was in some training session delivered by the usual shower and reported how they taught managers how to be relaxed and calm in the face of public sector budget cuts of on average a third.

Apparently if you find the challenge too much you are urged to imagine viewing the planet Earth from a distance of 3.7 billion miles. This will give the stressed a sense of distance from their problems. If the idea of the infinite depth of space doesn’t drive you mad then the unfathomable expenditure spent on this surely will.

Other hints and tips offered on how the harried public sector executive can keep their sang-froid when all about are losing theirs, include:

  • getting regular sleep
  • eating healthily
  • regular exercise
  • pursuing wholesome outdoor activities such as gardening

My mum could come up with those.

There was a lot of Zen-Lite recommendations urging being in the moment during specific circumstances like when “entering your house“. I shit you not.

This stuff is the management equivalent of scented candles and whale music at bath-time.

It is the last resort of the desperate, hastily avoiding a problem by running away from it in the opposite direction towards a solution, the nearer and easier the better. Like when Christmas shopping for your mum and you’ve ran out of ideas but are in Boots next to the Sanctuary products so think “Sod it, its a big box full of bath-bombs and wrapped up in a ribbon, it’s big, looks the part and smells nice.”.

There is a danger in typing about this stuff that you sound Daily Mail or Tax-Payers Alliance. They’ve cornered the market in Public Sector Bollocks, but PSB is a party-neutral issue. PSB is a good example of not knowing the problem that you’re really trying to solve and instead falling back on the simplistic treating of the symptom. You can only treat symptoms, not cure them. You only cure problems. If the problem is a broken system, what causes broken systems? Broken thinking. Foot rubs don’t cure anything other than sore feet.

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2 Responses to Executive foot rubs

  1. Tim Brooks says:

    Indeed – I believe that the new coalition strategy for addressing the economic crisis is heavy in the foot rub department. Apparently it’s “Best Practice”!!

  2. Well; c’mon now … if you can’t BE good, FEEL good!

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